Interview Singyes, chairman Liu Hongwei

January 13, 2009, China Industrial Energy Technology Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Industrial solar) landed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to HKEx) Main Board, Industrial Solar highest intraday price of HK $ 1.43, than the listing price of HK $ 1.05 higher 36 percent. The trading volume of 101 million shares a day, full-day turnover reached 168.33%. "I did not expect the size of the companies listed, was sought after by the Hong Kong market investor, is nearly 70 times subscribed in Hong Kong." Company chairman Liu Hongwei conceal his joy.

Disclosed, according to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Industrial solar total offering of 60 million shares, per share offer price of HK $ 1.05, after the listing of the total share capital of Societe solar regulator increase to 428 million shares. According to the subscription results, Societe solar part of the International Placing have been moderately over-subscribed, the part about 69 times oversubscribed in the Hong Kong Public Offering.

The Hong Kong Public Offer responses Singyes even start to share clawback system, will be allocated to the Hong Kong Public Offer Shares from the original 10% to 40% in Hong Kong public offering of 24 million shares, the offer price the Hong Kong Public Offering shares to raise HK $ 28 million approximately.

Affected by the international financial crisis, a general slowdown of the global enterprise market process. Industrial solar IPO process nor smooth sailing, as early as September 2008, the company has been through the HKEx's hearing, the sudden collapse of Lehman Brothers, a series of events that the entire capital market has become increasingly downturn. "We do not need to wait any longer, we listed not as a circle more money, but in order to create a corporate brand, expand overseas markets." Liu Hongwei said. Strictly speaking, the Industrial solar panels cost is officially listed on December 31, 2008, January 13, 2009 for listing trading, Industrial solar should be classified as a listed company in 2008.

Why choose contrarian IPO? "IPO before we analyzed listed the pros and cons of the large state-owned enterprises in 2009 and the market prospects of large companies generally affected by the impact of the economic environment, but minimal impact Singyes face of domestic and foreign markets, and such as China Investment may, to a certain extent, a chance to increase railway construction, more respected overseas markets BIPV, rather than a competitive building traditional curtain wall, which is owned by Societe solar technology advantages. Liu Hongwei said.

"While in the process of contact with overseas markets, they also proposed Industrial solar is a listed company, credit and high strength, there will be a greater business cooperation in the future, it has also become Singyes whether most consider IPO market downturn one of the important factors. Singyes Select contrarian market, establish listing platform, not only to financing, more powerful brand support to expand the overseas market. "

Industrial china solar panel future main direction of development is the solar photovoltaic integration is its core technology, and competitive as the market increases year by year, to be always ahead, we must maintain a research and development leading to the previously non-listed Sino-foreign joint ventures, and now become a listed company can attract more foreign talent, will be developed to a higher level. "

"In 2007, Mainland China and Hong Kong, China's capital market is a prosperous, the Industrial Solar's solar energy business has been carried out, the market is also expected to unanimously optimistic, predict the Hong Kong stock up to 30,000 points. Prevailing market IPO, six months after the capital market on the way down, with predictable results. "changes in the capital markets so unpredictable Liu Hongwei has a lingering fear, followed by Industrial Solar's IPO scheduled hair at the beginning of this year or late last year, while in the current market environment, pricing is impossible to be too high, but also left investors make money is room, otherwise the price is too high, do the financing on the future development of the company is also a disadvantage.

Solar panel cleaning practice is much better than expected

It is understood that, in order to solve the problem of cleaning equipment, the company's technical experts from brooms to engineering equipment, including all cleaning equipment are carried out to analyze and eventually developed a PV power plant is specifically designed hydropower common rail automatic spray cleaning machine. The washing machine cleaning height can reach more than nine meters, the entire job without climbing under gravity can work properly. Washing machine using a special brush head design for solar modules, do not wear component glass to ensure that the fine dust stripping component surface, will not be left in the inside of the brush to avoid secondary pollution. The three core technology in the R & D process have been the national patent protection.

Special cleaning fluid the same project team a big headache. The final project team draw the first RCA wet chemical cleaning method such as Kern and Puotinen of RCA Laboratories in NJPrinceton, in-depth analysis of the chemical composition of the PV inverter dirt handsome election trial in thousands of formulations, to finalize the special cleaning fluid recipe, this recipe has filed a patent application.

Cleaning process seems to be no technical content, but the preparation process is unusually complex. "On the basis of human behavior and the use of washing machine features, after hundreds of amendments, we ultimately establish the most sophisticated set of norms, we can say from the cleaning staff to enter the site to start every move, including the efforts of the master washing machine and angle has detailed data indicators. "Mr. Bo Peng.

Cleaning comprehensive technical program to the end of last year, the "trinity" of solar grid tie inverter has finally become a reality, and eight or nine domestic service companies invested more than a million accumulated during this period, the use of experts, nearly 100 employees.

Practice test results: much better than expected "Trinity" cleaning solar panels integrated technology solutions in the course of the study, the concerns of the industry, Ningxia, Zhejiang, Qinghai, Jiangsu, large-scale solar power plants have contact, to follow developments closely. The end of last year, that after finalizing all of the technical program are offered the test requirements, and ultimately the technology first solar photovoltaic farm in Ningxia Power Group has applied, for the first time.

Application effect beyond our vision! Power plant power generation efficiency, improve battery plate to protect the battery plate performance, and reduce cleaning costs 'win-win-win' Bo Peng does not seem excited. The application results show that the "Trinity" integrated technology, flexible solar panels  solar panel cleaning input-output ratio of 1 :: 10, a 20WM solar power plants should always keep the battery plate "full effect", required each year cost less than 50 million, effective way to avoid the security problems of low efficiency and personnel Artificial traditional methods of cleaning, battery plate, saving hundreds of millions of dollars for less desirable engineering cleaning equipment expenditures.

The successful application of the results in Ningxia Jinan eight or nine domestic service companies win more attention. The end of last year, over the phone after another, up to twenty a day, most of them small and large solar power plants, also expect to join the agent's investment entrepreneur. Surprisingly, more than 10 solar power plants in the United States and Japan also phoned the intention to understand the technical details and to seek technology transfer.
From the equipment to the technical specifications to form a complete solar panel cleaning technology program, the world of our family from the perspective of the conservative trade secrets and to further enhance the quality of the technical solution to consider whether it is domestic or foreign, transfer, joining not option we first consider how to meet the domestic demand of solar power plants, so that this technology is better for the development of the domestic solar industry. "Renbo Peng said.

Solar power development according to the National Energy Board, the 12th Five-Year Plan ", by 2015, China's installed capacity of solar power will be 21 GW of generating capacity reached 250 million degrees; 2020, the total installed capacity will reach 50 guitar watts, a year-on-year estimates, China's solar power plant in the future, the income of several billion dollars because of the technology.


Swiss solar fly across the United States flying

Swiss solar aircraft "Solar-driven" project group said in a statement this spring, the aircraft of the world's largest how to make solar panels aircraft will be flying from west to east across the United States, this will be the "sun-driven flight around the world in 2015 before the last 28 a long flight.

"The sun drive" project sponsor, Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard said the same day, "the sun drive" will be held in early May this year from San Francisco, via Phoenix, Dallas, and Washington, DC, is expected to arrive in early July New York's Kennedy International Airport. Picard said he hoped to prove to the world that, in a passionate team of tireless efforts, the use of clean energy "sun-driven" eventually will be able to complete without a drop of oil on the Around the World "impossible" task , "If we do every day in order to forge innovative attitude Dare to challenge stereotypes, we will be able to face today's society the major issues to find a good way."

The project another promoter Andre said he and Picard turns to fly a plane. He stressed, "sun-driven" is an experimental platform of clean energy technologies, the past seven years, the technical staff of this aircraft related materials, energy, control much fruitful research, the research is not limited to sun-driven "flight, can also be applied to other technical fields.

Sun drive No. wingspan of 63.4 meters, and similar to the Airbus A340 aircraft wingspan but weighs only 1600 kg, equivalent to an ordinary car. The aircraft is mainly made of ultra-light honeycomb structure of composite materials. "Solar-driven" is the first one designed for circadian flight green solar aircraft, equipped with 11 628 1.5 μm thick of the diy solar panels on the wing, for the machine on the four electric motors powered aircraft Bai Tianfei row, may be superfluous solar power reserves to the high-performance batteries for night flying, to achieve no fuel day and night flight.

The average flight speed of 70 kilometers per hour, and a maximum altitude of 8500 m. "The sun drive" since April 7, 2010 after a successful first flight on July 7 that year day and night test flight in May 2011, cross-border flight in Switzerland to Belgium in May 2012, Switzerland to the North African countries of Morocco transcontinental flight.

IMS Research published global PV system integrators ranking

IMS Research has released the 2010 global PV system integrators rankings, Germany Belectric companies come out on top. The Belectric company formerly known as BeckEnergy, last year, the development of photovoltaic system installed capacity reached 300MW the juwi company, followed by the second highest, and this year, last year, the first Q-Cells ranked only sixth.

IMS Research expects the total non-residential PV market reached 13.2GW, Belectric ranking, but its development projects accounted for only 2.4% of this market. "We each quarter of the world's nearly 500 systems integrators and design, procurement, construction contractors (EPCs) data statistics, the data show that the top 30 companies account for only 22.1% of the total market share, compared to the previous year down 2%. "Hugh Sharma IMSResearch supervisor responsible for the photovoltaic solar regulator market (AshSharma), said.

In terms of geographical distribution, the world's top 30 systems integrators 13, headquartered in Germany, which once again shows the dominance of the German photovoltaic market. "German system integrators are increasingly active in foreign markets, the and maintained absolute right to speak in the domestic market at the same time," Sharma said, "19 are local companies in the German market, the top 20 systems integrators.

IMS is expected this year, ranking the company will continue to dominate the market in the coming year, but the new installed capacity of the German photovoltaic solar panels cost market will begin to decline. Sharma explained, "our current data show that the installed capacity of the market decline from last year's 7.3GW to 6.9GW, but this figure will largely depend on the policy toward Italy. Expected feed-in tariff at the end of the month will face slashed.

So far this year, Germany and Italy are also no large projects launched, and related product backlog more, we expected that the price will drop substantially. The current round of price cuts may stimulate the market demand in the second half of the year in Germany. But not yet made a final decision. "The report also pointed out that the U.S. system integrators are expanding the market share of the Italian market in 2010, the two largest systems integrators such as SunPower and SunEdison Ten Italian market system installers only three local companies, a large number of United States, Germany and Spain to enter the Italian market.

IMSResearch also predicted that there will be a substantial increase in U.S. non-residential PV monocrystalline solar panel market in 2011 to 2012, the EPC contractor will be the main driving force. IMSResearch enterprises to enter the market exploration, including nearly 150 systems integrators, as well as a large number of European and Asian companies.

"Due to greater than 5MW system difficult to develop large, utility-scale market will continue to dominated by a small number of suppliers, such as Forth First Solar, SunEdison, SunPower and juwi With more regional and national scale companies to enter the commercial market, the market share of the parties will be further diluted. short, commercial-scale PV market will be one of the largest markets of the participating companies this year. "Sharma concluded.


Rajasthan, India approved the construction of a 11.6MW PV projects

India KSKS energy companies and the U.S. company MiaSolé has commissioned construction 11.6MWCIGS film photovoltaic project, the project is located in Rajasthan, India. The Export-Import Bank of the United States has been valued at up to $ 9 million in debt financing for the project. The project is India JNNSM planning project. This is the second collaboration of the Bank and the United States MiaSolé company.

Rajasthan, India approved the construction of a 11.6MW photovoltaic project in India KSK president after news Play, MiaSolé Overall: The company has built in many states of India photovoltaic project. MiaSolé CIGS photovoltaic panels has been proven to be the best solution for our project. Said: MiaSolé CEO of the company in 2013, will continue to expand the global footprint and business models, including the investment in PV solar power inverter projects, purchase project reserve plan and sustainable market project developers and EPC companies in partnership. The U.S. Export-Import Bank support for MiaSolé company to reduce the financing costs of the project, sick leave will expand California made the installation of PV modules in the world.

The EU PV products dual counter-investigation of the preliminary ruling in early June will be made. According to the "Daily Economic News" reporter learned that, early aspects of the case questionnaire has been completed, and several companies are waiting for the arrival of the EU investigation team. Yesterday (March 26), the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products sent to the "Daily Economic News" said in a statement, has entered a critical period in the current case, the two surveys are in a preliminary ruling before the stage, anti-dumping and countervailing preliminary ruling will on June 7, made on August 9.

The China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, such as the EU ultimately my handicapping products is bound to cause a "lose-lose" situation. To this end, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Association called on the EU to uphold the principle of "cooperation than confrontation", considering the interests of all parties, ruling prudent, positive friction through consultation and cooperation to resolve. The statement also mentioned that, in recent years, China is developing the the domestic application market and third-party market, a huge market potential for photovoltaic solar inverter manufacturers applications contain both sides broad space for cooperation. China and the EU should be timely and active cooperation, not to miss a significant development opportunities in the global solar industry.

Compared with the Chamber of Commerce in a statement on March 25, the deputy representative of the Ministry of Commerce international trade negotiations, the position of Vice Minister Chong Quan is more powerful. PV photovoltaic inverter industry, he said, involved the major interests of the Chinese side, if the EU stubbornly insist on handicapping the product, and serious damage to the interests of Chinese companies, the Chinese government will not stand idly by. "We have no choice, and will take all measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprise."

It is reported that China has accumulated photovoltaic production equipment imported from overseas, nearly 400 billion yuan, of which a considerable part from the European Union. The report released by an independent Swiss research institutions, will enable the European Union to the loss of 242,000 jobs if the EU to impose punitive tariffs on China's photovoltaic products, including Germany, the hardest hit, could lose about 85,000 jobs within three years. EU photovoltaic manufacturers may add the number of jobs, the PV industry chain will not exceed a maximum of 20% of the jobs lost.

Photovoltaic power plants, a new round of investment bubbles

Jingke by no means only enterprise to enter the domestic photovoltaic power station construction. In fact, many components are eyeing expansion of the downstream industry - a major push into the domestic photovoltaic power plant construction and operation. According to statistics, since last March, A shares, including energy, Ultra-day sun, sunflower, Central shares, Libya and a number of PV modules in Topray enterprise announced its entry into the field of domestic photovoltaic power plants. In addition, aerospace electronics, Shield Security Environment listed companies were also disclosed their intention to invest in solar PV power plant.

This will form a new round of investment bubble? Chen Kangping said layout downstream to extend vertically integrated industry chain risk diversification investment direction, of course, has also become a choice of various domestic listed companies, but each project subsidized prices in the light of resources and power are different, so the project the recovery period and the rate of return has a different, different enterprises have different considerations in the choice of PV projects, and therefore can not simply "follow suit" to describe this phenomenon, just different options for different subjects in different contexts.

Sealand Securities analyst Zhang Xiaoxia, photovoltaic monocrystalline solar panel power plants running, barriers exist due to the power plant approval and strong profitability. PV power plant BT business models have emerged in the past year, enterprises from the time of the application for approval - the construction of power stations - and network - resale transfer "a few months to recover the investment, and net profit margin of 8% -10%.

Photovoltaic enterprises to invest in power plants there are still many problems, such as network and difficult to subsidy policy change, whether the next home to be willing to take over, but as a PV power plant investors Jingke trust that the business model of domestic power station construction, because the power purchaser Grid Corporation of its credibility. Xinjiang, located in the edge of the Mainland PV industry into the moment of the shuffle suffering period, was fortunate enough to avoid the waves, sail in the face of adversity. And just the Zhejiang counterparts reconstruction to the Xinjiang Aksu undertake investment wave of the wave power station.

According to reports, the the elegant Crystal Core Technology Energy Limited photovoltaic power generation project is the biggest industry in Jiaxing to carry out since the counterparts reconstruction work Yuanjiang project, the project has been Jiaxing municipal government and Shaya strong government support. Chen Kangping told reporters, Jiaxing is important how to make solar panels energy industry base, Aksu Xinjiang superior lighting conditions and land resource conditions, is the photovoltaic industry needs. Shaya government in order to encourage photovoltaic enterprises to invest in the local, but also to give a more favorable support policies, use of local solar energy resources in power generation.

"This project has a great significance for the entire Jingke Group Jingke for energy projects in a brave attempt, to enter the downstream risk effectively disperse itself as a vertically integrated photovoltaic enterprises, the whole industry chain extension attempt, not a blind bet. "said Chen Kangping.

Moment is also considered to be a low-cost investment in building the "good old days" of the PV power plant. The reporter learned that the construction of a 20 MW photovoltaic power plant two years ago, more than 300 million yuan investment, built the same power station equipment prices, more than 200 million yuan is enough, investment costs can be reduced by one third. The original 16 battery board has recently dropped to 5-6 yuan, photovoltaic solar panels china  such as lower equipment prices for photovoltaic power generation companies like them, the means to build power plants and lower costs. According to the current national policy, companies investing in building photovoltaic power station receipts considerable.

Chen Kangping also denied that the company will shift to domestic speculation, "If you have the right opportunity, we are also willing to aspects of the operation of the investment in energy projects in the overseas market."


The Jiangsu Yangzhou largest photovoltaic applications engineering start building by the end of March

Development Zone Export Processing Zone in Yangzhou City reporter recently interviewed found that many of the top engineers in the enterprises plant back and forth DD, kept busy. One asked to know, they are oriented to prepare for the "Golden Sun" demonstration project at the end of the start of the 10-megawatt photovoltaic power generation. It is understood that the project to the City Development Zone building roof as the basis of the construction of photovoltaic power generation project, the construction scale of 10 MW, covering the roof area of ​​about 140,000 square meters, is the city's largest photovoltaic power generation applications engineering.

City Development Zone, the official told reporters, the project involved the roof have all been consultation in place and ongoing roof design and project validation expected power generation can be completed in June. Day conditions in accordance with Yangzhou, the installed capacity of 10 megawatts annually theoretically can generate electricity more than 10 million and 8000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, reduce coal consumption of 3,000 tons. After the completion of the project will greatly ease the electricity demand of the industrial enterprises, reduce the cost of electricity. Also power transmission in rich period Internet, benefiting more enterprise development zone.

Why selected as a pilot in the Urban Development Zone? Responsible comrades of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said distributed photovoltaic power generation requirements of the roof area and flatness higher zone of the plant roof area was relatively large, the best place for solar charge controller placed. Li Development Zone for the pilot, once the technology and the conditions are ripe, and gradually promote citywide. "

Reporter learned that, the city has seven solar photovoltaic building demonstration projects into the first national "Solar Roofs Plan", with a total installed capacity of 14.6 MW. But the problem is that these small-scale photovoltaic power plants can not grid, excess electricity can not be online sales, which led to the enterprises and units involved in the enthusiasm is not high. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Grid Corporation has issued and implemented programs to encourage distributed photovoltaic power stations and network use, and for the first time explicitly distributed generation tariff subsidy standard.

The city distributed photovoltaic power generation will usher in a series of favorable policies to stimulate significant opportunities. The survey shows that the Hanjiang, Guangling, Jiangdu, Development Zone can promote the use of distributed photovoltaic solar panels for sale power roof area of ​​2.398 million square meters, fish ponds, the beach area of ​​106.66 million square meters. Preliminary estimates, have developed a total capacity of 187 megawatts of solar power plants in the existing tariff system.

Rong Yang, Secretary for Science and Technology Bureau, suggested that the city should accelerate the launch of the construction of large-scale applications of distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration area particular focus Dianmianjiehe, surface focus on selected economic and technological development zones, high-tech parks, industrial parks and industrial park focused contiguous area, point focus on selected large electricity Marcegaglia Weichai YAXING, Hisense Electric, Yawei Machine Tool and Chengde Steel Tube conditional, the the Yangzhou building into distributed photovoltaic demonstration city.

Of polysilicon has been a joint suppress

Since last July, received the four major domestic polysilicon enterprises jointly by the United States, Korea, Europe polysilicon "double reverse" after the application, the Ministry of Commerce has been on the case, the formal acceptance of a criminal investigation, but was originally scheduled in February 20 announced the results of the preliminary ruling, the process has not been completed, and the time is too tight postponed postponed.

Although preliminary ruling blocked, as domestic polysilicon industry leading enterprises, Zhu Gong Shan, Chairman of the Board of GCL, recently said in an interview with this reporter, "will not stop the United States, South Korea, Europe polysilicon enterprises 'double reverse' survey."
Polysilicon wind turbine inverter assault the imports also very serious, we believe that the Commerce Department will speed up the polysilicon 'dual' ruling to the United States, Korea, Europe, and in March there will be results.

"Said Zhu Gong Shan, polysilicon 'double reverse' is not in order to protect the backward production capacity, but to protect the sustainable development of our basic materials industry, to ensure an adequate supply of the domestic photovoltaic industry raw materials and market prices stable, straighten out the market of the domestic photovoltaic flexible solar panels industry order. "I believe, not so serious the dumped imports pressing, give us two years time, the domestic polysilicon industry fully able to lead the world to become the absolute main force of the photovoltaic and semiconductor supply of raw materials. Zhu Gong Shan said.

"At present, the domestic energy structure adjustment, becoming the voice of the transformation of economic development mode, development of new energy to become an important way, I believe the future of new energy, especially photovoltaic industry will certainly live up to expectations, to contribute to improve the social environment, and build a beautiful China. but the basic materials industry as the domestic photovoltaic industry development, domestic polysilicon industry is experiencing the most serious, from the United States, Korea, Europe tripartite linkage to suppress. "

Zhu Gong Shan said: "Since the development of the solar industry, 'two out' and has not been radically changed. Practically speaking, the development of the domestic photovoltaic industry as a whole is still subject to the constraints of the 'two', and the situation has become more and more serious. solar charge controller Materials end Jiangsu Zhongneng've tried to change the situation of the domestic photovoltaic industry dependent on imports, but the situation is not optimistic, still national structures for industrial development can compete and international polysilicon giants a fair chance to compete. "


China's first CIGS solar micro-the backlit volt system built

On February 22, the first case of CIGS the micro inverse system built in Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. CIGS solar modules by British Laixin can offer their side of the system owners. The entire system of 1kW, 500W 4 125W CIGS modules, another 500W conventional crystalline silicon components.

Yu PV microinverter and energy controller units, which the system uses a 250W output micro inverse connecting two 125W CIGS modules, making the system cost reduction and optimization components, micro inverse with. The main purpose of the system as a test CIGS system with generating capacity of crystalline silicon systems contrast.

CIGS the components low light resistance is very high, according to the company's procurement director Bao, director of its generating capacity in three regions of Shanghai such light, up to 30% higher than the crystalline silicon components, this system is designed to verify this data. While Yu photovoltaic solar panel price micro inverse is also good low light, the two sides hope the system data accumulated through a period of time, after which the three regions in light widely promoted such CIGS micro inverse system.

In addition, the component front black, the back of the mirror, overall nice Yu PV micro inverse with fusion architectural, beautiful double guarantee of generating capacity, will become after BIPV project of a combination of features, expected future market prospects.

System March 6, the day of the EMA (energy monitoring interface) which the power output of the two micro-inverse situation, it can be seen the highest basic energy output can reach more than 200W, the output curve is flatter, CIGS the component crystalline silicon group pieces of the power generation situation is basically the same, the differences in specific power generation CIGS thin-film modules with crystalline silicon components before pending further follow-up observations and data accumulation.

2013 Delta 30kW solar PV inverter new market, the spring sun began to shine upon us, the season of the solar panel manufacturers photovoltaic power operation. Delta does not change the design style, materials used in the product filling a lot of the military class components to ensure that the machine for many years a stable operation.

20Kw in Taiwan has been listed on a year-long, much investors love to be in the operation of this period, good performance of high performance. In the Delta this year also provides 30kW models suitable for power plants, the performance of the models up to 98.05%, the two groups MPPT input the 380/400Vac phase four-wire, dust and water to IP65 suitable for all places. Delta customers for the power plant level, Warranty surcharge extend up to 20 years to make you feel at ease without worry.

Three crystal grid inverter used in Hunan's first photovoltaic roof project

In mid-March, in Changde City, Hunan Province the Wuling Langzhou South Changde Yilida computer network limited liability company installed a small photovoltaic system in their company the roof. System installed capacity of 1.8kWp, and is composed of 10 180W polycrystalline silicon components and a new energy supplied by three crystal Sununo-TL3KB single MPPT inverter.

As the system is used to meet the daily electricity system installed capacity of small, so every day of the electricity used in basically all the company's office during the day electricity. The person in charge of the company, according to Mr. Zhang said, just before installed 10 component test, and if the result is good, and follow-up will increase the installed capacity of the system.

As of today, the system has been in operation for about 10 days. Although recent local weather overcast eyes uncertain, but in the the Sanjing new energy Webserver monitoring data can be seen as long as the weather is sunny, of this 1.8kWp PV solar panel small system day generating capacity can reach up to about 10 kWh. The electric hair every day this system can all be used to the office electricity during the day.

Mr. Zhang introduced the system Hunan Province's first used in office building small photovoltaic rooftop power generation projects. It is understood, Hunan radiation intensity and sunshine hours in the three regions, the average effective illumination time in about 4-5 hours daily photovoltaic power generation, theoretically 2kWp installed capacity hair about 8 kWh per day, for an ordinary family is basically to meet the daily demand for electricity.

There is no doubt that the successful application of the system will bring a good propaganda and call for the role, through the practice of the company, so that the surrounding more people are aware of photovoltaic solar module power generation is not only green but also can bring to local residents and businesses The sum of small gains. Relative to household and grid-connected photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic systems commercial value will be higher. Generally due to the company's peak during the day, the electricity generated by the PV system during the day just for the company office equipment electricity, excess electricity grid, which truly reflects the value of the photovoltaic power generation.

According to Italy's new national energy strategy, the Italian Revenue did not get the country's feed-in tariff subsidies off-grid photovoltaic power generation system will introduce a tax relief policy. Said in a statement released by the Italian small solar panels Energy Society Gruppo Imprese Fotovoltaiche Italiane (GIFI), PV systems installed from July 1, 2013, the budget does not exceed 48,000 euros, and will have access to 50% of the financial relief. This includes a system of net metering program.

PV systems installed in the June 26, 2013 to the 30th highest budget of 96,000 euros, will have the opportunity to get a 36% tax cut. The GIFI say very much welcome this decision of the Italian Revenue Agency.


China PV rise is to develop the market demand

The PV industry in China can be described as external demand also lost external demand. Suntech bankruptcy is seen as external demand to stimulate the end of an era, it is the development of the domestic market clearly is the photovoltaic industry foothold in the future. China the PV's rise path is out of production to reduce supply and accelerate the cultivation of the domestic market demand.

According to data provided by the China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance, PV module prices dropped from $ 1.4 per watt in 2011 to $ 0.7 At the same time, the global solar photovoltaic production capacity is 1.5 to 2 times greater than the actual demand. Processing and manufacturing countries as the world's largest photovoltaic products, overcapacity situation is particularly serious in China.

"To integrate or part of the business." Shen Fuxin, Zhejiang PV inverter Energy Industry Association, said in an interview with reporters after the photovoltaic industry in the rapid development of the Government's promotion, overseas market demand and high subsidies to industry over-reliance on export markets. However, with the recession of the United States and Europe, trade protectionism makes China's photovoltaic industry into the winter.

Crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and other products the United States in November 2012 to impose anti-dumping duties of 18.32 to 249.96 percent, and from 14.78 to 15.97 percent countervailing duty, so many Chinese PV companies to exit the U.S. market. While trade barriers in Europe and the United States is an important factor, but probably also to blame structural overcapacity of the Chinese PV companies and vicious competition. Shen Fuxin, said the entire industry should improve the access threshold, not like before expanding rapidly, a price war is no good for the development of the industry as a whole.

China New Energy Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General of the Shi Limin expression of the same view. He believes that there are not only a problem of supply and demand imbalance in the photovoltaic industry, but also there are some invalid capacity. This part of the invalid capacity due to backward technology, photovoltaic solar grid tie inverter products produced lower conversion rate, the current market can not be accepted. Integration by industry and eliminate backward production capacity, to better respond to market demand. Addition, the enterprises themselves have hard skills further strengthened in terms of technology, management, in order to make the industry into the track of healthy development. "Shi Limin said.

National energy work conference on January 9, 2013, the National Energy Board has established a goal of this year, China installed 10GW of PV power generation, the 2012 plan is 4.5GW. Shi Lishan, Deputy Director General of the Renewable Energy Division of the National Energy Board, after the meeting, said China's photovoltaic "12th Five-Year Plan" the Capacity Adjustment settled, adjusted from 21GW to 35GW. From the successful experience of foreign PV http://www.solarpanelcellonline.com application market can not develop without government support.

Distributed rooftop PV power plant in Germany, for example, residents simply fill an application form to the planning department, the bank will be field trips to the roof area, light conditions, in order to determine the loan. Followed by the installation company will come to install rooftop photovoltaic power plants. Procurement of components and other equipment costs is spending a lot of money if there is no government subsidies, as well as banks or insurance companies share this unbearable for ordinary residents.

Apple the nation's largest data center using solar green energy supply

According to Reuters, Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer (Peter Oppenheimer) said on Thursday that the company's largest data centers in the United States is now completely green energy supply. Data center, equipped with a large number of solar panels and fuel cells to power the basic self-sufficiency.

The data center is located in the Maiden City, North Carolina, USA, is mainly used to support the Apple Internet data storage and iCloud service. Data center annual electricity needs of 167 million kilowatts, which is equivalent to 17,600 families a year spent amount. Apple data center relies on a 100-acre grid connected inverter farm by Bloom Energy fuel cell.

This is the largest occupied power generation facilities in the United States, Oppenheimer told Reuters. "We replaced in December last year to the use of these new energy," Oppenheimer added, "We are committed to by self-generating 60% of the electricity supplied to the data center, we are now moving in that goal."

Apple has bought the remaining part of the green energy facilities. Apple and other technology companies - such as Amazon and Microsoft - in the behavior of a large number of building and running computer data center has been widely criticized, because such facilities usually consume a lot of electricity and other resources. However, due to Internet traffic, streaming media content, mobile devices and host services market continues to expand, the data center in the future also facing explosive growth.

Oppenheimer said that Apple has its multiple facilities into the use of green energy, including in Austin, Texas, Cork City, Ireland, and the city of Sacramento, California, data center. Apple is currently the construction of another 20 million watts of solar power field Maiden City. The wind farm, solar panels by SunPower Corporation.

Apple said that the use of green energy has been increased to 75%. The ultimate goal of the company is the worldwide use of renewable energy for its facilities powered. Grid operators in Greece, Hellenic Transmission has announced that as of February, Greek solar charge controller PV installed capacity amounted to 1.615GW, February new 211MW to add 278MW decline compared with January.

This means that Greece's current total PV installed capacity of 1.732GW. The mainland total installed capacity of approximately 329MW from the scale is not greater than 10kW of photovoltaic systems. The installed capacity of the top three regions in central Greece (263.4MW), Peloponnese (235.9MW) and western Greece (192.7MW).


Shandong Xuzhou install rooftop photovoltaic power stations

The homes of ordinary people in their own roof mounted solar generator set, the electricity used for lighting, air conditioning, watching TV, not use up can make money, but also energy saving and environmental protection. National Grid Feb. 28 release distributed power grid service views: starting from March 1, distributed power to meet certain specifications, the national grid full acquisition of surplus electricity, free of charge access to the public grid, and The network permissions decentralization and city ...

Xuzhou people, due to the natural conditions and corporate services, the family installed how to build solar panels generator sets are the most convenient. , Home solar power, whether it is economically worthwhile to do what formalities, how much space? The reporter interviewed related businesses in the city, the electricity sector.

Xuzhou new energy industry in recent years, rapid development, has formed a relatively complete PV industry chain city Ed Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., engaged in the production and sales of solar power plants. Dr. Xie Fangji, said deputy general manager of Xuzhou residents would like to install a photovoltaic power station on the roof, recommended 3 kilowatts of installed capacity, the need to occupy more than 20 square meters of space, invested 30,000 yuan.
This calculation, Xuzhou illumination, power station a month generating nearly 300 kwh, according to the current 0.5 yuan per kilowatt-hour of electricity per month electricity savings of 150 yuan. The photovoltaic power plant's service life is 25 years, basically no maintenance costs, and if you do not enjoy the equipment or electricity subsidies, cost recovery needs for 17 years, eight years of earnings.

Dr. Xie Fangji told reporters, 17 years too long, the industry considered acceptable time is less than 10 years for individual users. Shorten the time, depends on the country's policy of subsidies, or a one-time subsidy of power generation facilities, purchase costs, or increase the purchase price of the photovoltaic power generation. Subsidies to achieve 50% cost recovery time can be reduced to eight years. It is understood, Germany, Japan and other countries have built a complete china solar panel power subsidy mechanism.

"For individual users, if the country is to subsidize the purchase cost of power generation equipment, generating their own power for their own use; price subsidies, it would generate electricity sold to the state, to get rid of electricity bills as well as earned." Dr. Xie Fangji bluntly. Before the New Deal of the national grid, the city has large mineral, the Xugong Hai Lunzhe six companies and units are distributed photovoltaic power, the power generation of about 1.8 million kwh a year.

Home roof installation 3 kW solar power plant, more than 20 square meters, an area on larger-megawatt solar cell power station. Plant of many companies and the roof of the school, is the appropriate venue. According to reports, the city distributed photovoltaic power total capacity of 15 MW, the user is more than 2 megawatts of photovoltaic power stations.

The ZTT layout backplane enter hundreds of billions of photovoltaic industry

According to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EIPA) forecast 2012 global PV market size 19.1GW, will reach 30GW by 2014. Per square meter component power 130W, 1MW assembly takes about backplane 07,690 square meters in 2012, the global demand for PV modules of 150 million square meters, is expected in 2014 will reach 240 million square meters, the annual compound the growth rate of 25.3%.

The backplane unit price is about 40 yuan / square meter, the backplane only 3% -5% of the component cost, coupled with high technical barriers so the price decline is relatively slow. We calculated a decline of 5% per annum, the 2012 market size of 60 billion and 8.7 billion in 2014, a compound annual growth rate of 20.2%.

The backplane industry is relatively high barriers to localization context, the company's production capacity put backplane technology drive business growth relatively high barriers to profitability, gross margin was 30%, the localization rate of less than 30%; upstream PVF film, higher technical barriers of PET film and EVA film, even more than the 40% gross margin, the localization rate of 10% -20%. The backplane market competition is more concentrated, the the international companies Isovoltaic, ToyalSolar Madico, Krempel well Taiflex five manufacturers accounted for nearly 80% market share. Elements of competition in the industry, including: product quality, long-term customer relationships and price. Domestic Suzhou race Ng, Suzhou come back to the natural rubber industry, Lucky Film Company has been able to produce a certain amount of backplane, the industry is in the process of import substitution, but still in its infancy, with foreign countries still have some gap.

Stable growth in short-term performance of the company backplane photovoltaic open space short term of long-term growth of the Company, the Company's fiber optic cable and the power solar charge controller cable business is still the main strong point of the company's performance, the continued implementation of broadband China "strategy and operators of transmission networks continued construction as well as the national smart grid construction to further advance will promote the stable development of the company's main light rods and submarine cable profit contribution will offset the decline in fiber prices to bring pressure to perform, to keep the company's 2013-2014 performance can be maintained at 20% steady growth.

Medium and long term, the company the backplane and distributed photovoltaic power generation business will open the company room to grow. Company backplane business will be put into operation in 13 years, 15 million square meters of production capacity will be gradually released, 40 million square meters of production capacity will be gradually released in the future, the output value of 1.6 billion. At the same time, the company distributed photovoltaic power generation system has been initially built, being phased in, and sustained bigger With the rapid growth of the industry needs as well as the size of the company in the future will support the company's long-term growth. In addition, the company's overseas business smoothly expand drive the company long-term and stable growth.

Earnings forecasts: taking into account the lower proportion of backplane and photovoltaic solar panels  business and short-term uncertainty, performance prediction yet included, expected the company 2012-2014 EPS were 0.60,0.71,0.84 yuan, net profit compound annual growth rate reached 20% . Reviewing the company history of development in the past 10 years, the company has maintained a compound annual growth rate of 15-20%, the source of growth is positive expansion and steady development of the business and the businesses involved in the industry to achieve industry-leading, are company for the business development of the low-key practical and the spirit of excellence. In view of this, we are optimistic about the company in the photovoltaic industry development trend, and firmly in the company's medium and long-term solid growth.

Investment advice: the current stock price corresponds to 13 years of PE is only 12 times, mainly reflecting the long-term concerns of the market for optical fiber and cable industry, but we believe that the continued growth of the company long-term, once recognized by the market, the valuation has room for improvement, and continue to reaffirm the "overweight" rating .


Taiwan photovoltaic company intends to enter the Australian market

Taiwan Bureau of energy has been invited to represent Australia solar energy committee and the large EPC company will be held in Taipei to participate in the investment conference in March 19th 21. Taiwan government hopes that the conference will promote the investment projects to develop solar power station. The government also plans to help Taiwan companies to enter the Australian market.

Hope the Energy Bureau hopes the meeting to help Taiwan companies to understand Australia solar energy policy and solar energy power station business.

Data shows, Australia solar PV inverter systems installed capacity ranking seventh in the world. In 2011, the Australian PV systems installed capacity is 837MW, the installed capacity in 2011 will be more than 1GW. Rooftop PV systems installed wing 75%, commercial PV system and public power respectively accounted for about 10% of total installed capacity. The next five years, Australia will not build large-scale photovoltaic power station.

Taiwan Energy Bureau said: Australia's rich solar energy resources, the Australian government is committed to the project and FIT to promote the use of renewable energy. Australia Australia in 2011 through the clean energy act in November 8, 2011, the carbon tax plan and the top 500 companies in australia. According to the current mechanism, the company needs to a ton of 23 Australian dollars ($24) standards to buy carbon emission permits. Mechanism of carbon tax will begin in 2014 July.

Officials in Taiwan say: Taiwan energy expressed the hope that the Taiwan solar http://www.solarpanelcellonline.com energy companies to improve international market share, and solar energy products exports to occupy Taiwan total exports 10% of the target.

Suntech bankruptcy reorganization: tangled optimal option

Suntech bailout plan can not come out the reason for the delay is because tripartite interests of differences: Shi Zhengrong, overseas investors, and the Wuxi municipal government. From today's results, the three parties have reached a settlement, at least this side of the Wuxi municipal government has already agreed with the party of the other two parties.

In the evening of March 20, the US-listed company Suntech Power 
buy solar panels announced by the creditors' committee is composed of eight Chinese banks to the Intermediate People's Court of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, took place on March 18 (referred to as the "the Wuxi court") submitted on Suntech Power Company Limited (referred to as "Suntech") application for bankruptcy reorganization. The Suntech This application without objection. 

On the same day, Wuxi Court ruled that under the Bankruptcy Act, Suntech Power Co., Ltd., a bankruptcy reorganization. In addition, Suntech also announced that the company has appointed Philip Yan Hok FAN as an independent director, Zhou Weiping as Suntech executive director and president, effective immediately.

Which Philip Yan Hok FAN previously served as executive director of China Everbright International Limited, the Prohibition of identity is more special, prior to joining Suntech, he served as Guolian Futures Limited Chairman and Guolian Development (Group) Co., Ltd. Financial Manager. Prior to the restructuring of the country join hands Suntech is the prevailing view in the market, Zhou Weiping join more evidence the above speculation.

At this point, tangled for a long time, "aid still to finalize the bankruptcy reorganization, that is, to keep the listed company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Suntech. However, for Suntech, the bankruptcy reorganization of second chances or the dead end of the old giants remains to be seen.

Information by Zhengrong Shi, Suntech was founded in Wuxi in 2001, engaged in the 
Photovoltaic Panels photovoltaic cell and module production. 100% controlled voted Suntech Suntech "In 2005, Shi was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and listed on the NYSE. 

Suntech Power's stock price in 2006 reached more than $ 40, Zhengrong Shi wealth of $ 2.3 billion, becoming the richest man in China that year. Has been the largest production base of Suntech Suntech are the company's assets, concentrated Suntech more than 95% of the company's production capacity, its PV module production capacity reached 2.4 GW in 2012, the four largest PV companies one....


First Solar gift Inner Mongolia University of thin-film solar PV modules

The world's leading solar system suppliers First Solar (Nasdaq: FSLR) today announced the gift to the Inner Mongolia University of 150 state-of-the-art thin film solar PV modules, the total amount of the gift component peak power up to 13 kilowatts (kW) . The gift component for Inner Mongolia University Green Suns in the 2013 International Solar Decathlon, its design solar housing supply.

In addition, First Solar will also Inner Mongolia University of participating students to provide technical support, and cooperation with schools solar education. International solar cell Decathlon competition (Solar Decathlon) is a U.S. Department of Energy, launched in 2002, the biennial science and technology competition requires participating students to take advantage of the integration of design and construction of net zero-energy living space. This year, China organized its first international Solar Decathlon competition attracted 22 teams, including 13 teams from China.

First Solar Global Business Development Jim Brown (Jim Brown), ▪, executive vice president, said, "First Solar has been trying to return the business communities where we are keen to share expertise and skills with the students of the global solar industry, so that we can in the future of the industry leaders in cultivating innovative ideas.

First Solar through active participation in national and provincial support for China to achieve sustainable development, and to help the Chinese government to develop solar energy industry. mppt charge controller technology is of great significance in terms of achieving sustainable energy future, we hope that by participating in the international Solar Decathlon competition, can further improve the social awareness of the importance of solar energy technology. '

Green Suns in the 2013 China International Solar Decathlon solar house design inspiration comes from Inner Mongolia and other Central Asian pastoralists living yurts, trying to solve a common energy issues in the Inner Mongolia region, including grid barrier, lack of water and alpine take the heat demand of the region.

First Solar's thin-film flexible solar panels for solar homes provide efficient sources of energy, and to successfully meet the operating conditions challenging off-grid energy needs of the region. Green Suns by 21 graduate and undergraduate students from different majors, including energy and power engineering, architectural design, civil engineering, and management expertise.

Xinjiang New Energy and Industrial Development

"Xinjiang wind, solar and other new energy resources are very rich. Far, new energy Xinjiang has proven reserves of 800 million kilowatts. Now available for the development of new energy reserves in Xinjiang has more than one hundred million kilowatts, the actual The installed capacity of more than 300 million kilowatts, is also very small.

As can be seen, Xinjiang enormous potential for future development and the development of new energy. "National People's Congress, the party secretary of the Xinjiang New Energy (Group) Corporation, chairman of Wuhan Iron and Steel in two sessions during the interview with this reporter, On the Road. Reporter: Please tell us about the Xinjiang New Energy and Industrial. Wuhan Iron and Steel: The originator of the new energy industry in Xinjiang in 1986, is the early entry into the field of wind energy in China is also the world's regions, and has formed a relatively complete industrial chain.

At present, the development of new energy industry in Xinjiang has ushered in a historic opportunity for the country's industrial structure adjustment, the rise of strategic emerging industries, central Yuanjiang intensified. The regional party committee, the government last year to integrate the formation of Xinjiang New Energy Group. Today, this group of companies are actively develop strategic emerging industries, the formation of wind, solar charge controller manufacturing technology development and application, and solid waste treatment and waste-to-energy and related environmental protection industry development, new energy and comprehensive utilization of modern agricultural development situation, its direction is developed into new energy localization backbone enterprises to promote the construction of the new industrialization of Xinjiang, to promote the rapid development of new energy industry in Xinjiang.

Wuhan Iron and Steel: Xinjiang to develop the biggest advantage lies in its resources, the biggest disadvantage is the distance. So, the Xinjiang Production and Construction focus is to bring a variety of channels built, if the channel is completed, Xinjiang this game of chess on the country's strategic support of the value of the structural adjustment and growth pattern can give full play to come out.

Channel construction, aviation, railway, highway, is a class of channels, oil and gas pipelines, power channel. The power channel resources in Xinjiang conversion, energy outgoing played a very important role. The last time the central work conference in Xinjiang determine channel the goal of building 30 million kilowatts electricity transportation from Xinjiang to the mainland, for the realization of the strategic framework of the national smart grid, Xinjiang electric delivery with westerly East "will play a very large facilitating role.

Bottleneck restricting the development of Xinjiang wind, solar panels  and other new energy is not to send out "people strong and so on, very anxious, very urgent task. Break this bottleneck, the state authorities should be implemented as soon as possible and to promote the construction of a major thoroughfare of western the grid and eastern grid as soon as possible so that Xinjiang abundant wind energy and other new energy into electricity, and coal-fired electricity with baling East, accelerate the westerly East the process, this would both provide quality green electricity to the developed eastern power shortage provinces and cities, but also make the process of new industrialization in Xinjiang to speed up the benefit of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. Westerly countries to the East as to support Xinjiang, support an important content in Xinjiang.

Reporter: Next, Xinjiang New Energy Group under the theme of the times in the national innovation-driven strategies to consider?
Wuhan Iron and Steel: the use of wind power, solar module energy this one, we have to continue to promote and increase the promotion of new products, new technologies, at the same time take into account environmental factors, seeking the latest, best, most efficient technology development in Xinjiang.

In particular, we propose a lookout, light, energy storage technologies, and agricultural organic combination, explore new energy applications in the fields of modern agriculture, planting, breeding, circular economy, do a better job of ecological protection of the article. Xinjiang per square kilometer of solar and wind energy are very rich, and we also hope that through such a demonstration can be more development and utilization of new energy.


The exiled PV Godfather

Shi Zhengrong, thirteen years ago from Australia, home business, perhaps had not thought the experience would be so during the ups and downs. He just five years time it will be the richest man in China Suntech brought to the New York Stock Exchange listed to become very famous, the wealth effect has also attracted a large amount of capital into the photovoltaic industry, so the ending cause for regret. In facilities, there have been countless imitators.

Suntech listed at the end of 2005, Kappa Socks world's largest behalf of the business Kang Yi Textile founder Yin Jianzhong Shi Zhengrong become the richest man began to notice photovoltaic diy solar panels silicon plant later in 2008 investment to do. With Yin Jianzhong because Zhengrong Shi and Suntech spending billions of dollars to the countless career in the photovoltaic industry.

"Personally, I think and Shi Zhengrong speed up the process of global the photovoltaic development of 15 years." One concerned about the photovoltaic industry for many years, said industry researcher with a government background, before this time "to the 2008 financial crisis, from the market in 2005 Suntech Shi Zhengrong is scenery, and is in the top position. "

The outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, Suntech hot. Its components sales too tight, government officials even personally awarded to Suntech getting goods fail to get by. A Tangshan energy company CEOs to find the familiar Zhengrong Shi, the researcher proposed to study crack defeated Shi Zhengrong.

The outbreak of the financial crisis in late 2008, Shi also have a very difficult time, and later over. "The source said. However, this time the difficulties encountered by Shi Zhengrong, it is difficult to easily crossed. The urgent need to repay the debt pressure in Suntech body of more than 4.5 billion yuan, seven creditor banks even went so far composed of a creditor committee, the Wuxi municipal government emergency intervention Suntech in Wuxi Guolian will eventually disk access, how eating Suntech, people still unknown. Personal Zhengrong Shi is the most critical edge.

Zhengrong Shi and Suntech executives and even investors sued the United States Court, accused of Asia Silicon emptied Suntech to Shi misappropriation of company as much as $ 1.68 billion of investment funds led by Suntech executives to achieve their own interests, its uses include as Zhengrong Shi individual companies to provide interest-free loans. It is said that the Board is to conduct an internal audit of related party transactions Shi Zhengrong personal. This is not a far-fetched than the board of directors - the most direct expression of its cast a vote of no confidence, and the removal of its chairman.

Insiders said the end of 2012, Shi acquaintance twelve friends lamented: "doing business is really hard." At this point, Zhengrong Shi is in the investors, creditors, the Wuxi government suspected the precarious. The moment, former PV the Godfather can only choose silence. "Other people how to think and how to say is not important, it is important their own how to do." Shi Zhengrong such a reply and refused the request of the "Global Entrepreneur" interview.

Related party transactions to increase private wealth, combined Zhengrong Shi refused to provide guarantees of individual shares for Suntech lose new bank loans - these "misdeeds" has been heavily criticized. However, there are supporters standing Zhengrong Shi. A supporter of Chinese capitalists inclusion soil also insufficient, a capitalist accumulation of wealth through the disposal of personal assets, this is normal as long as it is reasonable and lawful compliance, as there is no need to evaluate the outsiders. "Facilities "Global Entrepreneur" said.

Insiders said the direct fuse triggered the Board recall Zhengrong Shi GSF counter-guarantee fraud. On July 30 last year, Suntech has issued a notice, saying that may be involved in a fraud amounted to 560 million euros. The protagonist of the fraud Suntech shares of Global how to make solar panels Fund (GSF). In 2010, the GSF to invest in the construction of a 145 MW PV power plant project in southern Italy. The financing of this project is guaranteed to come forward as a GSF one of the shareholders of Suntech the CDB to this project provide a sum of money for the loan of 554 million euros. In order to hedge the risk of the project failure may be brought to Suntech, GSF need to provide a counter-guarantee to the sum of 560 million euros worth of German government bonds Suntech.