Solar contractors to deal with large customers has merit

For solar manufacturers and distributors, engineering customers (developers in the construction-in-progress, enterprises renovation project) development is the most important, but also the eyes of the market front-line sales staff "cash cow". However, in many cases, the salesperson feel had a good talk with engineering customers (hereinafter referred to large customers), and large customers did not propose a new objection, it seems that the next step can sign.

However, things are often unexpected. When the the salesman contact customer should Conventions to implement solar cell to the paper, the large customers began to find all kinds of excuses evading playing, drag on, rely on, is not signed. Salesman suck big customer is not "non-cooperation", but can not be at your fingertips in front, which makes a lot of salespeople sense of helplessness into shall not retreat. Such a situation, do not just let large customers to drag you how to cut off the "long tail" of large customers throw?

Many salespeople drag suffered a large customer, often in the heart of scolding the low efficiency of large customers or do not play the job. The existence of this case, but this case is not actually more, because as customers see cooperation opportunities, and absolutely will not easily give up the opportunity or be delayed for too long. More large customers and sales staff to play intellectual games, match wits with the salesman, in order to achieve its purpose to obtain more favorable conditions for cooperation. In this regard, it may be referred to as a "delaying surgery.

First, from the language recognition "delaying surgery. When big clients following words, often represents the first large customer told the salesman: "We are doing a final assessment of the results I contact you", the results salesman to deliberately delayed: go to Yao no news. The solar panel second salesperson contact every time the big clients, always said: "trekking trip, good good, then consider need further studies ..." but not always given the uncertainties date. Third, lose the trust of customers sexual delayed speech.

The salesperson each call or meet with large customers have said in some specific date to reply, the results to a specific date or to continue evading. Fourth, the large customers will tell the salesman: "our leadership is not in man insufficiency, can not collectively discussed, wait" or "Recently, we have no time to wait; fifth, comparative drag resigned large customers will tell the salesman "We then compare comparison to contact you again" ... In fact, the above five cases are typical of large customers "stalling technique" However, this is better, is not directly and thoroughly to be denied, and large customer cooperation "Me and the salesman still fight for the chance to.

Behavior recognition "delaying surgery. Following behavior when large customers, sales staff can determine its deliberately delay: first big customer feedback salesman not be, such as the e-mail does not reply; Phone is not connected or lied to something; lied something to go visit leave or said meeting. Second, large customers do not reject the salesman to visit, even take the initiative to visit companies and salespeople, but few things to mention cooperation, even evasive or no mention of.

Third, the large customers deliberately increase the workload of the salesman, such as sales data to supplement and improve to stall for time, toss salesman ...... fact, many salespeople are exhausted. For large customers, only to let the salesman has more moves with the chance of mentally tired before, and they want to see the salesman weary Langbei Xiang.

In fact, as long as large customers recognize the value of cooperation, the feelings and aspirations of its cooperation perhaps will not be worse than a salesperson. To know, to give their cooperation may bring new opportunities for cooperation might give it brings change, such as increased selling point, green energy cell is the selling point. However, rational, calm and mature customers will never be impulsive, to ensure a big winner on the cooperation.

To this end, the customer needs and the necessary process to prove their self-judgment. For this reason, large customers will pre-communication time becomes longer, also become a long and complex solar cell process of consultation, which formed the delay, even protracted. Visible, large customers delay is mainly because of its lack of self-confidence, fear of disadvantage, for fear of making the wrong purchase decision.

Large customers often will take four "drag surgery": First, large customers to purchase the program as an excuse for evading. In this regard, the sales staff may get large customers this answer: which is approval of the contract, hold on; recently leadership incomplete, contract approval is not down ... two big customers of funds as an excuse for evading. This, large customers may say: recent funding constraints, funds are available immediately on signing; We are to apply to the bank for a loan, the loan down, we can cooperate ... three large customers to competitors of the enterprise as an excuse evasive.

This, large customers may say: solar cell products of certain companies nor worse than you, ah, makes very loud, the price is cheaper than you, we are still investigated ... large customers time as an excuse to delay. In this regard, they might say: the recent leadership do not have time, or leading a business trip; wait another week, next week we re-signed ...

Regardless of large customers to take the kind of "delaying surgery, in addition to the various objective reasons, mainly because large customers still expect subjective:

One big customer there are "gray demand. The demand for large customers can be divided into explicit needs and implicit needs. Explicit demand, said direct export and clear requirements directly, or you can get the desktop up to talk about the requirements and conditions for cooperation are often the overall interests of the relations clients. Implicit demand is big clients are not directly export demand, often large customer decision-making body, the pursuit of self-interest, individual members may be involved in legal and moral level.

This is difficult to explain, then, had to drag the businesses and salespeople understand so far. In addition, members of the customer's decision-making is also possible for their own career development, while creating performance for the enterprise, but also the pursuit of a good personal job performance.

Large customers trying to "bargain". In sales negotiations into the final crucial moment, customers have basically achieve the desired objectives. However, customers often want to further strive for preferential terms, so just try again and again a drag.

For those impatient or eager to deal salesman, it is easy in this case "hooked". In this special period of the "Cold War", the salesman Do not crazy mail, call or come to visit, so that the customer will become the Gali drag

Solar panel Contractors cope with large customer procrastination decision has merit you make sales into a more passive situation. This reason, corporate and sales staff to pay attention, do not easily take the initiative to reduce the conditions for cooperation, strategic, uncontrolled compromise and concessions mall taboo, but to try to take the way of the other deal with big customers delay.

Third, the market situation is changing period. Supply market situation is complicated, the more large customers will choose to observe the changes in the market, rather than to make purchasing decisions. Such as during the financial crisis, the funds are very nervous, so Wujin pocket instead of blindly spending. Also, when the price of a particular product frequently fell, large customers will not be settled contract price in order to "bottom".

Again, the adjustment phase of the national macro policy and industrial policy, policy-based risk considerations, large customers will also take evading tactics. In this case, as long as businesses and salespeople solutions reduce customer risk, perhaps you can let customers call the shots.

Fourth, a large customer implementation of "stealing a march". You know, the big clients are not stupid, does not hang in a tree. Large customers in the buying process, often at the same time sales than the selected number of suppliers, where appropriate, with the comparison. And competitors face sales opportunities, it will not idle, your feet will be inserted recently and stymied.

The salesman suffered a large customer ambiguous may be evading, is likely to be as big clients are the "best of the best" implementation "out at large, stealing a march", think they fight for time with a better chance of.

Fifth, the poor financial condition of the large customers. In many cases, large customers the existence of funding constraints, or that the financial situation is not ideal. Though customers really need, but even the best things Douer money can not buy. And funding risks, the salesman and solar manufacturers or dealers will not be allowed to take credit in cooperation with major customers.

However, for large customers, the funds distress is tantamount to the "scandalous" and "scandalous," and should not be published, so they can only find an excuse to stall the pending funding problems to solve. In this case, large customers naturally can not give sales staff a clear and prompt reply.

Large customer-oriented sales, sales staff and sales personnel involved style of work is very important to have a certain impact, but also the work style of the big clients, which is selling influence. Large customers can also be influenced by the sales staff, large customers may imitate the sales enthusiasm, decisive will mimic the salesman also imitate the sale of self-confidence.

Conversely, customers may imitate indecisive and not confident salesman. Therefore, the salesman, in front of a large customer, should be confident, decisive style to influence large customers, manufacturing the sense of urgency to buy now or buy as soon as possible and strive to large customers, such a sense of urgency to the termination of large customers to delay .